What Is The Calorie Shifting Diet?

What is the calorie shifting diet? If you’ve never heard about this diet before, you’re in for a real treat because calorie shifting is a dieters best friend! The calorie shifting diet is a unique technique that breaks every weight loss rule ever invented!

There is no calorie counting, no decreasing calorie intakes, no complicated calculations and no food deprivation! This is arguably the most flexible diet that helps people lose weight fast, in most cases up to 10 or more pounds in less than 2 weeks.

The calorie shifting diet has been around for awhile but has only emerged into the public eye thanks to the internet. It was censored by diet companies and unknown to the public because it was so unique and if people had known about it, diet companies would be put out of business!

It accomplishes fast and natural weight loss, without side effects. It unleashes the body’s hidden fat burning potential and increases metabolism causing rapid weight loss to occur.

As mentioned earlier, this diet breaks most weight loss rules. The basic idea behind it is that you eat low-carb meals 4 times a day, 2-3 hours apart and make sure every meal has different calorie values. Then the next day you eat 4 new low-carb meals in a different order than the day before.

This shifting of meals and calorie values is the heart of the calorie shifting diet and it triggers a reflex in your body to increase metabolism and burn fat at an incredible level.

One of the many benefits of the calorie shifting diet is that just about anyone can do it and it requires no exercise (even though it’s still good for you). It doesn’t matter how much you weight or if other products and methods had no worked for you before.

Calorie shifting is just a special technique that brings out your body’s fat burning and metabolism potentials and keeps them high so you can lose weight while you sleep, eat and go about your life! There are many books, programs and guides on calorie shifting but the easiest and most popular is “Fat Loss 4 Idiots”.

In fact this is the program which started the calorie shifting diet fad. If you’re interested to know more about this program, calorie shifting, how to get started and lose that weight for good, then click here [http://www.squidoo.com/is-fat-loss-4-idiots-a-scam] to begin!

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