What is the Bread Diet? Can it Help You Achieve the Weight Loss You Seek?

What is the bread diet? There is becoming more and more hype about this anti-Atkins high carb diet. For those that don’t know the Atkins diet believes that the sugar from carbohydrates is responsible for weight gain based on the principle that carbs raise blood sugar, which then triggers insulin production and its believed that this insulin directs blood sugar into the cells thereby preventing the burning of stored fats. So with this theory they deduce that carbs encourage weight gain.

The bread diet is a high carb diet and consists of eating lots of…take a guess…sandwiches?…sort of right…bread was the main answer..but actually any high carb foods would work on this diet The theory here is all about serotonin with the belief that high protein diets cause a drop in serotonin levels whilst high carb diets lead to a rise in serotonin levels. So what does this mean? A higher serotonin level leads to increased metabolism and a greater feeling of well being.

Ideal diets however vary from person to person for me personally less than 90 grams of carbohydrate per day leaves me feeling fatigued. For some though low carbohydrates do the trick quite well.

Is the bread diet right for you? I personally have a few problems with this diet such as lack of variation. Bread on it’s on can get very very boring very quick. I workout and so I need my protein(The Bread Diet is a low protein diet) to help maintain and improve my muscles. I also really enjoy eating meat so this diet is just not for me. It does not contain enough balance to help support all of my bodies systems. Bread For Life is a book all about the bread diet for those of you who are interested. I personally recommended a more balanced diet and lifestyle.

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