Weight Watchers Recipes

When searching the internet, it’s easy to find many good weight watchers recipes. However if you’ve never tried any of them you may be a little apprehensive to cut out so many calories and fat grams. You may be concerned about sacrificing flavor and quality. Have no fear, weight watchers recipes won’t leave you feeling like you are sacrificing anything as these recipes are often better than the originals! All of these recipes are sure to make it into your personal recipe book.

Weight Watchers Cheesy Enchiladas are meatless and made by substituting fat free cheeses for higher fat cheeses. This recipe makes a moist and flavorful delight which will only cost you four points per serving. Now that’s something you can feel good serving to your family as well, and I bet your kids will love it too.

Weight Watchers Pineapple Angel Food cake is made with one can of pineapple and one box of angel food cake mix. At only three points per serving this is a great dessert recipe. It’s flavorful and moist. Even if you are not using weight watchers, this recipe is one that you owe it to yourself to taste.

Looking for a cool delight on a hot summer day that won’t destroy all your dieting efforts? Try the Weight Watchers Orange Fluff recipe. This recipe is creamy and smooth like ice cream and has fruit for that added sweetness you crave. However, this cream won’t show up on your hips. This dreamy creamy delight will only cost you one point per serving.

Looking for a way to make an old favorite compatible with your weight watchers diet? Try the Weight Watchers Mac and Cheese Recipe. This recipe has loads of flavor without all of the fat of traditional mac and cheese. After tasting this mouth watering recipe you won’t like the old fattening variety any longer. You won’t look at your old mac and cheese the same again. The Weight Watchers version will only cost you eight points per serving.

The Weight Watchers Barbecue Meatloaf recipe also offers a new healthy twist on an old favorite. This comforting low fat savory dish will only cost you five points per serving. It substitutes barbecue sauce for ketchup and cuts out the egg yolks to shave off calories and add flavor to this southern favorite.

For a great entertaining recipe that won’t have your guests grimacing over the words “low fat” try the Weight Watchers Cola Chicken recipe. Made with diet soda and ketchup this savory chicken will leave your mouth watering for more. You may have a hard time not having seconds or thirds of this four point recipe.

Need a tasty treat to substitute for a high sugar soda? Try the Weight Watchers Chocolate Fudge Shakes recipe. Made with pudding instead of ice cream this smooth chocolaty treat is sure to tantalize your taste buds. It only takes minutes to whip up this one point per serving treat, so you can satisfy that craving fast.

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