Weight Loss Through Conscious Consumption

Are you kidding yourself about what, why, when, where and how much you are eating and drinking? How might this be hurting you?

Practicing mindful eating allows you to get much more satisfaction from much less food. Mindful eating means being aware of every single thing you eat and being fully present when you eat it…slowly. You will no longer shovel food in and cry out in pain later. You see, mindful eating and overeating are incompatible.

The following ten tips are designed to bring consciousness and purpose to your eating experience, allowing you to derive pleasure and personal wellness from food, as well as healthy weight loss.

1. Tell the truth.

Do you really know when, why, what, where and how you are eating and drinking? Only honest assessment leads to self-awareness and change.

2. Just eat.

When you eat do nothing else. Eat only while seated at a table and avoid eating while driving, reading, working or watching television. Be fully present when you eat and enjoy.

3. Use your senses.

Use your senses to prepare and consume food that appeals to your senses and “hear” the messages that come back to you. Let appearance, smell, taste, touch or texture, feeling full or hungry or how different foods make you feel be part of your conscious eating experience.

4. Take your time.

Your brain can’t process your meal as fast as you can eat it. Practice resting between mouthfuls. By eating slowly you will notice the satisfied feeling in your belly before it’s too late.

5. Eat what you want.

Don’t deny yourself your favorite food. But take full responsibility for what you eat, and eat it consciously.

6. Eat when you’re hungry.

Avoid eating out of habit, to console, reward, protect or punish yourself or for any other emotional reasons. Comfort food can kill you.

7. Get interested in your life.

Replace the urge to eat with healthy distractions that are incompatible with eating. Get busy, get active, develop new interests. Love your life.

8. Get real.

Eat “real” food that is fresh and needs some preparation as often as possible. Eat fast food, junk food and processed food when you must.

9. Manage your environment.

Don’t buy food you will have to work hard to resist later. Move away from the buffet table. Avoid the fast food traffic areas. Stay out of the staff room. Hang out with people with healthy habits. Set yourself up for success by limiting the temptations all around you.

10. Know what you need.

In order to make intelligent, nutritious choices arm yourself with the knowledge of your daily food requirements and how to meet those requirements.

Are you looking for a way to make healthy weight loss through mindful eating a part of your life? Then I invite you to enroll in my free, 7 day e-course at [http://www.mindfuleatingmindfulinquiry.com]. Every day, for 7 days, you will learn strategies you can put to use immediately. Choose the path towards freedom from the vicious cycle of dieting and overeating.

Claudette Pelletier-Hannah is a weight loss coach. Her balanced, holistic approach leads to happier, healthier, people in smaller pants.

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