The Mediterranean Diet – Is it This Simple?


This weight loss method teaches dieters to adopt the eating habits of folks that call the area around the Mediterranean Sea home It is based on the idea that that food is more than just a quick thoughtless meal. It advocates taking time to make and eat the meal.

Bread is the main staple of this diet. Pita bread especially. It comes in so many varieties of whole wheat that it is a healthy alternative choice without the starch.


* No restrictions on this diet other than avoiding very high calorie foods.

* Portion control is a very important aspect of the diet

* You get to eat fruits, vegetables, pastas of low calorie, cheeses and yogurt

* Does not stress exercise although it could only help not hurt

* Eating frequent smaller meals is advocated versus eating 3 large meals

Most of the protein needed comes from plants and meat such as fish and seafood although occasional lean meats are thrown in small amounts. Plan proteins have less cholesterol and fat which is why it is the preferred protein choice.

The Mediterranean diet can be a great diet because it allows you to eat without feeling deprived or that feeling of lacking food. It also is great for those wishing to lower their cholesterol. Those who cannot exercise for whatever reason will also like this diet because it does not stress exercise but rather relies on the diet itself to be the weight loss catalyst.

The only hard part to the diet may be the cooking. That’s why the book that provides the menus and cooking instructions is recommended.

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