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The raw vegetable diet is a diet based on the philosophy of eating only uncooked, unprocessed, natural and organic plant foods. The belief is that eating uncooked vegetables and fruits is healthier as uncooked foods maintain vital nutrients that are thought to be lost during the cooking process. The diet was developed in order to detoxify the body of unnatural toxins in a safe and healthy way. This type of diet not only detoxifies the body, but it also helps prepare the body for weight loss was well. Essentially, the diet consists of eating raw vegetables, fruits and other plant products such as sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, and beans while drinking only water.

There are many advantages to the raw vegetable diet. This type of diet has fewer trans fats and saturated fats, lower sodium, and higher amounts of potassium and fiber than the average American’s diet. A diet such as this is generally thought to reduce the risks of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Other benefits include:

o Improved digestion
o Weight loss
o Increase energy levels
o Improved skin appearance

To help make these types of foods more digestible, and to add variety to the diet, different cooking techniques may be used. One of the most popular cooking techniques is juicing. Juicing raw vegetables and fruits allows for the nutrients in the foods to be absorbed more quickly by the body, and it adds a little variety to the diet itself. Other techniques include: soaking nuts and dried fruit, blending foods, and dehydrating foods.

While there are many advantages to the raw vegetable diet, precautions must be taken as well. When beginning the diet, many people have experienced head aches, nausea, and intense cravings are their bodies adjust to the restricted intake of fatty foods, caffeine and sugar. Because this diet does not provide the body with all the essential nutrients to maintain health, it is recommended that this type of diet last no longer than seven days. As with all diets, there are certain categories of people who should consult their doctor before beginning any diet, and this includes:

o Women who are pregnant, nursing or plan to become pregnant
o Children
o Diabetics
o Individuals with anemia, low blood pressure, or heart conditions
o Anyone who has or has suffered from an eating disorder
o Individuals with cancer, epilepsy or other medical conditions

Any diet will only be successful if the individual is committed to the diet. The raw vegetable diet is no exception. Both time and energy are required on the part of the individual to ensure detoxification, weight loss, and the beginning of a healthier lifestyle. While sacrifices have to be made, the resulting increase in quality of life and health is definitely worth the effort. The raw vegetable diet can be an excellent starting point for renewed health and vitality.

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