Morning Banana Diet – 5 Things to Avoid

Intrigued by the Morning Banana Diet? It’s the easiest diet ever, and I know from experience that it works. Here are five things to avoid while you’re on the diet.

If you’re not familiar with the Morning Banana Diet, here it is in brief: eat only bananas for breakfast while drinking room temperature water; eat normally for lunch and dinner; eat something sweet in mid-afternoon; eat nothing after 8PM; get to bed by midnight.

Here are five things to avoid on the diet.

1. Skipping your Breakfast

The first and primary rule of the Morning Banana Diet is to eat bananas for breakfast. If you miss eating bananas for breakfast, eat bananas for a snack later.

However, please don’t skip your morning bananas. The bananas kick start your metabolism for the day. They also boost your serotonin. Your serotonin levels are vital for good health. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which (among other things) modulates your metabolism, appetite, sleep and your moods.

I’ve found that on the Morning Banana Diet, I not only feel great, but my appetite is moderate, I sleep well, and have great energy. You can get these benefits too… just eat your bananas for breakfast.

2. Forgetting to Drink Room Temperature Water

Please drink your water. It’s essential to drink water with your bananas, and also throughout the day. If you feel tired or get a headache, it’s because you’re not drinking your water.

3. Not Eating Normally for Lunch and Dinner

Please forget calorie counting. Eat normally. The Morning Banana Diet moderates your cravings. You’ll no longer have an appetite for sweet foods after the first week. You’ll crave a good diet, because your body’s systems are functioning better.

4. Focusing Only on the Bananas: It’s NOT just the Bananas Which Are Effective

Again: eat normally. The bananas are not magic. The only magic is what they do for you if you eat them for breakfast, and eat proper meals. You won’t lose more weight if you decide to eat bananas for your main meals. You’ll wreck your metabolism.

5. Weighing Yourself Daily

Weigh yourself once a week. Here’s what’s even better — forget weighing yourself entirely. You’ll know the diet‘s working because you’re feeling better, and your clothes are loose.

The Morning Banana Diet is an easy way to lose as much weight as you wish, and to feel great while you’re doing it. Just avoid the five things we discussed above.

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