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When we say Hoodia Products, the implied understanding is of Hoodia Gordonii as an aid in weight-loss programs as an appetite suppressant. But none of the Hoodia Products on the market today can be labeled as an appetite suppressant. If they do so, they will be liable for legal action for patent violation by the only company that can make that claim-Phytopharm. So they just print 100% Hoodia and trust that customers will understand.

CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) of South Africa did a 30-year study of Hoodia, after it found that the San tribe, living on the fringes of Kalahari Desert, used the plant as a hunger suppressant. They isolated the active molecule and named it P 57. CSIR licensed British company Phytopharm to test, develop and market P 57 as a weight loss aid. Phytopharm failed in its attempt to produce P57 synthetically while working with American MNC Pfizer. Most of the new farms to grow Hoodia are tied up by Phytopharm. Phytopharm also has an agreement with Unilever, a 50-billion-dollar company, to test and market it as a dietary supplement. They expect Hoodia shakes or bars to be put on the supermarket shelf by 2008.

Dieting being a 40-billion-dollar industry, and Hoodia being viewed as a sure thing without any side effects, several companies have got into the act. Some may be genuine while others may be spurious. It is a difficult call. They all claim that their suppliers of the plant are approved by the South African government.

Pure Hoodia produces 400mg capsules and advises customers to take 1-2 capsules prior to every meal. Hoodoba Company markets Hoodia Gordonii in different sizes. They include Hoododa diet pills, Hoodoba pure, Hoodoba hunger block plus, Super Slim 400 Hoodia burn -750mg tablet and Hoodoba Tincture.

Another product is Hoodia Trim-Fast, which makes the claim that it is the purest Hoodia Gordonii in the market. There is the 50 mg ‘Hoodia diet gum,” which claims to stop the between-meals snacking habit. This is marketed by Pure Herbal, which also sells “Chia Bat Blaster plus” and “Hoodia One Shot.” ‘Hoodia Products’ supplies capsules named Power Slim 500.

But discerning customers may have to wait until 2008.

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