High Alkaline Diet Promotes Health

I worked in a high stress environment so I take a high alkaline diet to maintain my balance. When I first started working, I was so energetic, so full of life, and ready to take on every day’s challenge. I got one promotion from another and happy about it. But eventually, I failed to maintain a high alkaline diet.

When I am working, I just grabbed the first food that my hand could get into. And to keep up with my fast phased life, I would just have someone get me some burgers and pizza, and other unhealthy food for lunch. This backfired on me.

At first, I started out having small headaches. It would come and go in matter of minutes. Then it became more and more pronounced as days go by until it became a migraine. I took medications to stop it but then, I notice other signs as well. My hair was falling excessively. It was getting harder and harder for me to get up every morning.

It greatly affected my work as well. It was getting harder for me to concentrate on my work. I forget small details which I normally do not. I was so easily agitated and small things would disturbed me. My boss saw these changes in me and advised me to seek medical attention.

Once with my doctor, he asked me to take several tests but they came back negative. He also asked questions about the kind of diet that I take in order for him to assess my condition. I told him the kind of environment I worked in and the kinds of food that I take. He said that my condition was probably a product of an unhealthy food intake. He recommended a high alkaline diet program for me.

He told me to drink lots of water and exercise daily. He also said that I should eat lots of vegetables and fruits. If possible, I should have a salad ready for me to grab anytime. I followed his advice and incorporated a high alkaline diet in my lifestyle.

I avoided dairy foods and meats, those high in acids, and artificial foods. In matter of days, I greatly improved. I did not anymore feel tired whenever I wake up in the morning. The headaches became fewer. My hair looks healthy and shiny and I notice less hair fall. I became active in my work again and got another promotion. Thanks to a high alkaline diet I am back on my feet again. If you want to get back on your feet again, then visit http://acidalkalinediet.org

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