Health Risks of Atkins Diet

The famous Atkins diet admired and followed by a lot of people due to its average carbohydrate intake is now becoming a major health issue for health nutritionists and Atkins dieters. Health risks of Atkins diet is slowly becoming apparent all due to a lot of health disturbances and troubles suffered by a dieter during and after the program.

Some of the health risks of Atkins diet comprise mainly of diarrhea while in other cases constipation, cramps, stress, headache and a lot more. Although the aforementioned aliments are not considered serious, the American Dietetic Association has sent out a word of warning to dieters that anything that does not involve a dietary regimen comprising of the basic food groups is considered a forewarning to dieters of this program.

A disease called ketoacidosis is known to be one of the most serious and grave health problem a person under an Atkins diet can attain. Ketoacidosis is a kind of ailment where cells are damaged and often occurs when the supply of glucose in the body is inadequate due to a decreased carbohydrate intake. This also affects the supply of sugar in the brain making way for this kind of disease to transpire.

Other health risks of Atkins diet falls on a person to suffer high blood cholesterol and in worse cases may lead to heart diseases. The low carbohydrates diet decreases triglyceride levels which often leaves a person to higher probabilities of achieving good cholesterol but does not eliminate instead maintain bad cholesterol in the body.

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