An Analysis Of The 5-Factor Diet

As the saying goes necessity is the mother of invention. Harley Pasternak, a personal trainer, was challenged to create a brief yet incredibly effective workout for actors while training them during the short breaks in between shots while on the movie sets. In addition he needed to create healthy meals in a matter of minutes using simple ingredients. The result? Harley’s clients were eating 5 times per day, exercising in short bursts and transforming their silhouette. An extrapolation of the same regime is available online as it has been shown that people lose weight more predictably when participating in online weight loss programs rather than doing it alone.

The 5-factor diet is very simple to follow. The number 5 is very crucial here!

5 weeks: The plan is designed for a total duration of 5 weeks. In fact the plan is so simple and effective that it can be transformed into a whole new lifestyle.

5 meals per day: It has been proven conclusively that people gain weight when they tend to snack between meals. The 5-factor diet takes care of exactly this problem. By eating 5 small meals per day one can say goodbye to the cravings and the resulting snacking. Each meal contains 300 calories and on top of that two snacks of 200 calories are allowed.

5 ingredient meals: Each of the meal is made up of only 5 ingredients and takes 5 minutes to prepare. The meals are low in fat and low in calories. Each person gets hundreds of simple recipes to plan his or her meals.

5 minute workouts: Exercising at a stretch can be a pain literally for many of us. The 5-factor diet plan hits the nail right on the head by breaking down the amount of time spent on exercises. The workouts are designed to last 5 minutes and are meant to be undertaken 5 times per day. Working out more often for shorter periods is far more effective than spending hours at the gym.

5 cheat days in 5 weeks: Imagine being imprisoned in a diet prison with loads of restrictions! More than 90% of the people attempting to lose weight will eventually give up if a strict diet plan is enforced upon them. The 5 factor diet allows for one cheat day per week where the person is allowed to eat his or her favorite foods. Controlled cheating can actually help many people reach their goals and helps people maintain the regime without getting disillusioned.


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