Vitamins – What Really is on the Shelves These Days?

Over-the-counter, and more recently, ordered online vitamins come in various forms, combinations and amounts. They are available in tablet, capsule, powder, lozenge, and liquid form. In most cases it is a matter of personal taste as to how they are taken. Vitamin supplements are usually available as isolated vitamins or in combinations with other nutrients. It is important you select your vitamins based on what your body needs.

The amount you ingest should be based on your own requirements. A program designed for health maintenance would be different from one designed to overcome a specific disorder. If you find one supplement that meets all your needs, then just remember to take it daily. If it does not contain a large enough quantity of what you want, you may consider taking more than one. If there is no single supplement providing you with what you want, then consider taking a combination of different supplements.

Vitamins are essential to life. They contribute to good health by regulating the metabolism and assisting the biochemical processes that release energy from the food we eat. Of the major vitamins, some are water soluble and some are oil soluble. Water-soluble vitamins must be taken into the body daily as they cannot be stored and excreted over time. They include vitamin c and B-complex vitamins. Oil -soluble vitamins can be stored for longer periods in our fat tissue and liver. Both type vitamins are needed by the body for proper functioning.

Taking vitamins and minerals in their proper balance is important to the proper functioning of all vitamins. Scientific research has shown that too much of one vitamin may produce the same symptoms as a deficiency of the same vitamin or mineral.

Get started as soon as possible on some kind of daily vitamin regimen. Even a simple multi-vitamin can go a long way towards greatly improving your health and well-being.

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