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The history of the Olive leaf is rather interesting. It is the first botanical that is mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 8:11). The fruit thereof shall be for meat and the leaves for medicine (Ezekiel 47: 12). Finally, the angelic vision of the tree of life whose leaves were for the healing of nations (Revelation) is mentioned.

In 1854 Daniel Hanberry’s attempt to use olive leaf as a tincture was successful. In 1862 a bitter substance called oleuropein was discovered in the leaf and it is what gave the leaf the healing ingredients. Years later, scientists were able to separate the oleuropein, and they learned it is this that makes the olive tree resistant to insect attacks and bacterial damage. It is removed when the olives are cured.

In 1962 the ingesting of oleuropein lowered blood pressure, and it could also increase the blood flow in the coronary arteries. It is believed to relieve arrhythmias, prevent intestinal muscle spasms, and it is important for the treatment of Hepatitis C.

Other uses of Olive leaf extract are that the herb is used to treat viruses and retro-viruses, bacterial or protozoal infections including influenza, herpes l and II. Human herpes virus 6 and 7, shingles, HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue and Hepatitis B. In the late 1960’s, oleuropien a substance called elenolic acid, was discovered to not only slow the growth of viruses, it also stopped the growth of every virus it was tested against. In 1996, Morton Walker, DPM, found the olive leaf extract determined that flavonoids is correlated with lower incidence of cardiovascular disease. Daily consumption of olive oil and/or olive leaf extract containing phenols will potentially do the same thing.

Further Information on olive leaf extract

Olive oil has recently been under the sopt light stating its ne of the best nutrients around, some experts of alternative health medicine say olive leaf extract is one of the strongest powerful immune, especially one that is weak and under attack.

The active ingredient of the plant is called oleuropein; this is the actual part of the nutrient that is responsible for its true therapeutic benefits.

Various studies on the nutrient studies have shown extra benefits to the ones mentioned that include: lowering of blood pressure (animal, not human subjects); helping blood flow more easily through the arteries; and it helps increase cardiovascular health by lowering ones cholesterol.
Olive leaf extract can also offer benefit to those suffering from: psoriasis; general fatigue; it helps in combating allergies; and also it helps with alleviating fevers.

Our Tips On Choosing Olive Leaf Extract

1. Dietary supplements in the U.S. are unregulated and consumers have had only a 1 in 5 chance of buying a product that contains the actual ingredients stated.. Because of this industry wide problem, people should choose a manufacturer that is pharmaceutical GMP compliant. These facilities comply with the most stringent manufacturing standards, to eliminate the possibility of harmful contaminants and to also make sure that you are getting the amount of ingredients you actually paid for.

2. Be sure the product does not contain any fillers or additives (examples include: sugar, starch, gluten, silica (sand!) or any artificial colors or flavors of any kind.

3. For the true benefits of olive leaf extract, you need to be sure your supplement is produced using standarized herbal olive leaf extract. Standardized extracts contain the highest amount of active ingredient, and, because of this, have the best potency and efficacy, which results in giving one the best true therapeutic benefits. Most manufacturers of nutritional supplements do not use standarized extracts because products are by far cheaper to produce.

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