Skin Tags-What In The World Are They?


Do you have skin tags? Maybe you don’t know what a skin tag is and you are trying to figure it out. I know that I had skin tags, but didn’t even realize there was a name for what I had until I started doing some research. A skin tag may also be called an achrochordon or cutaneous papilloma, if you want to get a technical about it.

An achrochordon or skin tag is a bit of fleshy or darker colored skin that projects out from the normal skin. In my research I discovered that a skin tag is actually considered a small benign tumor. Tumor is such a scary word that I was surprised to find it associated with a skin tag.

Most skin tags, like mine, don’t have any symptoms other than the way they look and aren’t really bothersome. The only time they are annoying to me is sometimes on my neck when a collar rubs against it or some such thing. Sometimes that is so annoying I feel like taking a nail clipper or something like that to just snit it off, but that would hurt, I mean it is still attached to my body!

Because skin tags aren’t really bothersome, most people just leave them. But people who have skin tags on their face where they are really visible, like to have some thing done about it and who can blame them.

Skin tags are typically found where the skin forms creases, in armpits, on the neck, around the eyes and in the groin. Usually skin tags start to appear during or after middle age and can be found on both men and women. Of course I am the exception to the rule an have had skin tags since my early thirties.

It’s a good idea to have your doctor take a look at any skin abnormalities you may have. If your skin tags are bother you, talk to your medical professional about having them removed. But don’t ever try to remove them yourself, they may be small, but you could get yourself an infection by trying to remove them yourself.

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