Skin Care – All About Moles – 2

In the first part of this article we found out about how moles form and the types of moles. In this article, we will find out about the dangers of moles and some facts.

Moles- Look for Threatening Changes

Moles change over the years. Some grow bigger in size and ultimately fall off by rubbing. Some become lighter in color and fade away. Some grow hair. Mole changes indicate the presence of malignant melanoma (cancer). Please carefully do self-examination of your skin all over the body regularly and note any changes in moles. The easy way is ABCD of Melanoma. That will tell you about probable malignancy. If you detect a malignancy at an early stage, the chances of recovery increase manifold. Find out about skin self-examination and ABCD of Melanoma. Read more about malignant melanoma here. If you are prepared with the power of knowledge, you will save your life.

Moles- removal

Many times, the doctor surgically removes moles. The doctor may remove a mole by anesthetizing the area and cutting it off with a blade or with electric surgery. Sometimes the mole and its surrounding portion are removed totally from the body and the sample is sent to lab for examination. Moles can be
removed for reasons such as suspected melanoma, cosmetic appearance, or plain nuisance.

Moles- Facts

– Moles form because of accumulation of melanin.

– Congenital moles can develop in cancers.

– Moles sometimes fade away over years.

– Because of sun exposure, existing moles become darker and new moles appear.

– Watching moles carefully for changes may prevent skin cancer.

– Suspicious looking moles should be removed.

– Moles, unlike warts, are not formed because of any virus.

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