How to Protect Your Skin After a Deep Facial Peel

Deep chemical peels are a relatively affordable to create a striking change in your looks. But a lot can also go wrong with a facial peel. For example, the extreme drying and burning the peel creates can provoke cracks and deep sores in the skin. You can prevent this facial damage and get the optimal benefit from your peels by deeply hydrating your skin after a facial peel.

Step 1: Facial spray

Moisturizers “lock in” moisture. If you have just had a deep chemical peel, your face, that beauty treatment robs skin of its natural protective moisture barrier. Thus, before you slather a face cream onto dry skin, infuse your skin with moisture.

All you need to do is add one part water and one part aloe vera juice into a spray bottle. Cap the bottle with a spray bottle and shake it well. Now spritz a visible layer of water onto your skin.

Step 2: Thick moisturizer

With the visible wetness floating on your skin, apply a thick layer of a heavy moisture cream to your skin. Such creams are widely available at drug stores for less than $10. Plus these generic heavy creams usually do not have extraneous ingredients like added fragrances or cosmeceuiticals that could irritate a freshly peeled face.

Let the cream absorb into your skin.

Step 3: Keep your skin moist

A deep chemical peel creates continual shedding of your skin cells throughout the day. So moment by moment your skin gets dryer. To contain this dryness, reapply the mist and moisturizer.

The benefits of keeping the moisture level of your skin high after a deep facial peel include:

    1. You will have a more even facial peel 2. You will see results of your peel faster 3. Your face will feel less painful

Happy peeling.

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