How Long Does Microdermabrasion Take?


Microdermabrasion is a simple procedure where damaged and unhealthy skin cells are removed allowing new cells to be formed. It is a safe procedure for all types of skins. There is no surgery, no anesthesia and no hospitalization. It consists of using a small diamond or some crystals to scrape the skin gently and remove the dead cells. th

It can be done during an office lunch break. The patient can just walk in the doctor’s chamber, have a microdermabrasion and walk out and resume normal duties. The patient walks out wi a fresh and glowing skin, which is very obvious. This takes hardly half an hour to an hour and can be done even at home.

Too much exposure to the sun and elements roughens the skin, giving rise to black spots, freckles and the like. Age puts lines and wrinkles on the face. Acne causes scarring. Some have unhealthy skins. Some have skin with pigmentation or skin that is rough and uneven. All this can be corrected by microdermabrasion. There are many methods in this procedure. Under an experienced and reliable doctor, there are hardly any side effects or reactions.

However one has to know that microdermabrasion cannot cure severe scars, birthmarks or tattoos. It is a good, safe and quick procedure for normal skins, which do not have too many problems. Any man or woman can go in for it. There is neither age limit nor any differentiation for skin color. A wand or a hand piece is used to gently remove the dead skin cells. A cooling agent is next applied and then a moisturizer. The patient should not use make up other than what the doctor suggests, for at least two weeks after the procedure. The result of the procedure will be evident by then. The patient will have a healthy looking skin and be proud of it. Very very rarely are there any side effects.

Microdermabrasion has been in use in Europe for many years and has entered the US a few years back. It has been greatly appreciated and is now one of the most sought after rejuvenating processes. As it is within the reach of most people, and the cost is affordable, many people go in for it. It is non-surgical and hence there is no need to take leave or remain indoors after the procedure. It is the third most popular cosmetic procedure.

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