Do You Have Plantars Warts?

Many people have heard of plantars warts, but do we really know what they are? If you have just started getting warts, you may not know the symptoms of all the different types of warts. This article will help you look at your symptoms to determine if you do indeed have plantars warts.

First you should know that warts are actually an infection. This type of infection is a viral infection. To get real technical warts are a viral infection in the HPV family (human papillomavirus). This virus is responsible for cells on your outer layer of skin to multiply rapidly. Now some people believe that warts have a root. This is not true they do not have a root. However, some roots grow down instead of up.

Plantars warts grow on the sole, heel, or ball of the foot. They are usually gray or brown in color and appear to have pinpoints. The pinpoints actually supply the blood to the wart and are capillaries. Therefore, if you try to scrape a plantars wart, it will bleed.

If you have a plantars wart you will feel like you have a lump on the bottom of your foot when you stand up. Over time this lump will become painful from the pressure of standing and walking. Because plantars warts appear on bottom of the foot, where there is a lot of pressure from standing and walking, they tend to grow in and now out. Therefore what you see on the bottom of your foot is much smaller than the actual size of the wart inside your foot.

Plantars warts can also start clustering. This means that they will start to branch off and form other groups of plantars warts on your foot, and as you can imagine, this can become very painful. It is important that you treat plantars warts as soon as possible so they do not start to form clusters.

If, after reading this article, you feel you may have plantars warts, you should see a medical health professional to get help.

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