Create Luxurious Bath and Body Products with Natural Fragrance Oils

I don’t know about you, but I’m as hooked on bath and body products as I’m going to get! I can’t pass the aisle at Wal-Mart without taking a look. Trips to the mall have become half hour events in the Bath and Body store. Gift buying for female friends and family is now a much anticipated outing because I can wander over to the bubble bath and lotion and pick up a little something extra for myself while I’m buying their present!

Now that there are private label bath and body product businesses online, the adventure never ends. I have found some of the most wonderful products from small, online specialty shops that can’t be found in stores or malls. Many of these darling businesses, such as ‘Marlo Quinn’ and others like it, hand-make and design their own soaps, lotions, bubble baths and other personal care products, most using all-natural, or mostly natural ingredients.

Ever wonder if you could make some of your own bath and body products at home? I know, most of you will audibly laugh at the idea of even having the time to take a bubble bath, much less actually making something you’d want to put in your bath water and sit in! Ok, I get it. You’re busy. But just imagine that you have a few minutes one weekend and get the ingredients together to make your own deliciously scented, natural spa products. Wouldn’t that leave you with a warm sense of accomplishment and ultimately a warm, frothy bubble bath or scrubby facial mask?

Let’s assume you go with option number two, and make a date with yourself to create something wonderful. Hey, you could even go as far as getting together some like-minded (bath product enthusiasts) friends, chill some good wine and make a party out of it! Everyone can take home their creations and report back later as to the overall effect and results. I can make a party out of just about anything these days.

So, here is an easy and yummy smelling home-made soap recipe to get you started and in the mood for more. You’ll want to gather your ingredients a few days in advance. Have fun!

‘A’ is for Apple Soap

4oz. clear, unscented glycerine soap

1 Tablespoon liquid soap

1 teaspoon liquid glycerine

1/2 teaspoon Apple Fragrance Oil

2 drops Red Food Color

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Melt soap in small pan over low heat. Add Liquid soap and glycerine and stir well gently Add fragrance, color and cinnamon. Stir and let stand a couple minutes, until you see it start to thicken and the cinnamon is mixed evenly. Pour into molds such as muffin tins or character candy or soap molds. Allow to set completely and store in zip lock storage bags.

When the soaps are all set, they make great little gifts for special occasions. How cute would they be as a ‘Teacher Gift’ at Christmas time, especially if you use ‘apple’ molds. There are more home-made recipes and ideas at ‘Natural You Mineral Makeup and’.

Sherry Frewerd publishes websites on various subjects from recipes to mineral makeup to toddler learning. A nature girl at heart, Sherry believes in the benefits of natural mineral makeup and skincare. Stop over to for some helpful and fun natural remedies, tips and product suggestions. Forget the Botox, talk to Mother Nature today!

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