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They say that excess cellulite in our body is a side affect of the modern society in which we live. Caused by the sedentary life styles that most people live in the Western World, the build up in our body of cellulite comes largely as a result of a poor and unhealthy diet and lack of proper exercise.

Not necessary life threatening but certainly unattractive, excess cellulite can be looked upon as a warning sign that things are not right with our bodies. In the long term return to a healthier diet and fitness regime will arrest and prevent the intrusion of cellulite, however modern technology, in the meantime, has come up with a cellulite machine or two that can provide short term cosmetic solutions to make our bodies more attractive, whilst reducing and removing some of the huge parcels of unhealthy fats, chemicals and toxins that are combined to produce cellulite.

One of the most popular pieces of equipment available today to lead the battle against cellulite is a rotary cylinder machine. By continuously manipulating the ski and the tissues immediately below it in the areas where the cellulite is concentrated, the machine by applying a gentle massaging pressure raises the tissues and causes the cellulite to break up into increasing tinier particles. These particles, under a healthier diet and by drinking lots of water will rapidly be flushed through the body’s digestive systems and away. Another 21st century treatment for cellulite is by laser lipolysis, first developed and tried in Europe with great success. In this treatment, first minor incisions are made in the infected area, followed by the insertion of a minute fiber- optic laser. The laser simply burns the cellulite and can absorb up half a kilo of fatty cellulite each session! Sounds a little scary. No need to be alarmed the fiber optic laser only attacks and reduces the fat and leaves our healthy and normal tissues and cells intact. The fat is zapped into the tiniest of particles and is easily disposed of through normal bodily functions.

As the medical profession probe into the reasons why cellulite forms in our bodies and encourages us to lead a healthier life style to prevent it happening, enterprising companies will continue to refine their search for fighting this symptom of our modern lifestyle by utilizing all the breakthroughs in our laser and digital society to remove this unsightly and unhealthy lump of unwanted baggage from our bodies..

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