Alternative Treatments for Acne


Alternative treatments are available for the curing of acne, as is the case of any other disease. It is a skin disorder which causes lesions in the skin, due to clogging in the psilosebaceous glands. Acne is an often projected cosmetic problem, which affects the emotional feelings of the person. The fact that acne is more frequent among teenagers, increases the treatments commercial value, since many of them want to avoid acne any way they can. Scaring is one of the major problems associated with acne. Alternative medicines advocate many promising solutions to avoid acne problems.

Alternative medicine includes many different streams of medicine. Most of the medicines offer more or less similar basic treatment to all forms of acne such as pimples, white heads, black heads or manulas. The main advantage of alternative treatments is that they will help to reduce the underlying factors of the acne manifestation. The treatment is primarily focused to avoid clogging and bacterial growth and some of the treatments also help to reduce the sebum secretion, also.

In Ayurveda, the Indian traditional medicine, acne is the aggravation of pita vata dosha, which can be cured with dietary restrictions. Chinese traditional medicine also suggests several herbal remedies for treatment. The general herbs used for the treatment of acne include black kosch, neem, Jin Ying Hua, and Lian Qiao. Some of these treatment strategies suggest external application of the pastes on the affected areas, to make their relief faster.

Food and nutrition is the most important factor in alternative therapy. Fat and chocolates were blamed as the basic reason for the outbreak of acne while the carotene rich foods such as carrots, orange, and pumpkin seem to be very effective for the well being of the acne patients. Vitamins such as A, E, B, and C are also important for the skin texture and tone. Vitamin therapists advise to have vitamin supplement for the treatments. Zinc and chromium supplements, also seem to be important and juice therapists advice to have fresh juice, to a reduce acne problems.

Body massage and pressure channeling alternative methods are many body based treatments for acne treatment. Reflexology, acupressure and yoga suggest many refreshing method for the tension easing. Apart from massages, aromatherapy suggests bathing in scented oils added water will help to minimize breakouts.

To be precise, alternative medicines suggest naturalistic living for the person, as the most important treatment of acne.

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