You Know You Will Look Hot in Sexy Lingerie


Your man strolls into the room with a fancy box in his hand and a grin on his face. He hands it to you and you open the fancy package. Inside is a red garment made of softly shimmering material. You have always wanted sexy lingerie in hot red.

You have spent hours looking at these kinds of garments on the Internet. You have visualized your slender body in one of the slinky garments. As you lift your gown from the box you see it is extremely short. In fact, it does not look as if it would be long enough to cover you. Good thing that matching g-string is included.

You have several sheer black baby dolls in your dresser drawers. Your boyfriend has seen them and responded favorably to them. One is sheer and the other is in a soft, shiny satin. That one is so short in back that it barely covers your backside. The embroidery is an extra embellishment. It draws attention to the low v-neckline that is so flattering to the figure.

Nothing says sexy louder than a lace-up corset with garters. Thigh-high stockings with lace bands around the top display the figure with maximum impact. You know how hot you will look in this garment and a flower in your hair. You imagine the way this will begin a romantic evening at home.

Your computer takes you from baby doll pajamas to sleek nightgowns with faux fur around the hem. Next you see a section with all white outfits. This is the display of lingerie for blushing brides. Even if the couple has been living together for years, the wedding night deserves white. Sheer and sexy, but white.

Almost all the baby doll styles and some of the gowns have matching g-strings or tiny panties. You have seen brilliant blue in satin and teal green in a body-hugging gown with cut-outs in places you did not expect to see them in. There are many beautiful garments in this array of sexy lingerie. It is really hard to select only one. In the end though, you go back to the display of black baby dolls and find one with rhinestones around the neckline and decorating the small square of material on the front of the matching g-string. You realize nothing is as alluring as basic black.

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