Variations of a Maidenform Strapless Bra

Maidenform is a world-famous apparel brand that specializes in intimates and is renowned for the quality of its bras. Strapless bras were a revolutionary concept when they were invented, and, as such, require the best technology and know-how to give you full satisfaction.

Maidenform has proven over the years to be a top bra provider that guarantees the performance and quality of its products. This is the type of brand you want to buy strapless bras from because it has a wide array of them, and provide the best quality. Here is a selection of Maidenform strapless bras that will give you an idea of what you can expect from them.

This bra represents what Maidenform does best – providing lift as well as comfort and aesthetics. A Maidenform strapless bra will stay in place in normal conditions, and if you need, you can even pull out the convertible straps for more support. A very good choice for shape, lift and comfort.

The Smooth Bra Strapless

The smooth bra by Maidenform is a classic strapless that is ideal for sensitive women. The stitch-free concept makes it very easy on the skin and minimizes chafing. It also offers a very natural look while enhancing the shape of the breast. It is ideal for women looking to wear tight-fitting clothes and who are worried about bulky or unnatural looking bras under their clothes.

The Breakthrough Backless Bra

This aptly named breakthrough bra is a real revolution and it is hard to believe it can actually work. But Maidenform made it so it would give you support and fit nicely under your clothes. It is perfect for women who want to wear backless dresses as the straps will conveniently hide under the sleeves. You won’t wear this one every day, but the effect is so amazing that you’ll want to have one in stock in case you need it.

The Dream Bra Strapless

The Dream Bra Strapless is the quintessential all-round strapless bra that every woman should have. It gives you good support, and suits any type of clothes for pretty much any occasion. It is the strapless equivalent of your normal, everyday bra! Definitely a must have.

Whether you are looking for lift, shape, or simply comfort, there is always a Maidenform strapless bra that will suit your needs. Maidenform has come up with a wide range of specialized bras. You might never need to wear straps again. And even if you do, some Maidenform strapless bras are convertible for your convenience.

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