Smooth Sumptuous Bridal Satin – The Lingerie Lover’s Favorite Silky Fabric


Bridal satin is the first choice of silky smooth shinny fabric for a whole range of underwear, nightwear and other silken items that are close to any lingerie lovers heart. One of the attractions of bridal quality satin is that it is much thicker and heavier than some of the more delicate satiny materials that are used in the manufacture of lingerie or nightwear. This more compact weave of satin is usually made from either buttery soft rayon or more recently a blend of smooth matte poly satins and it is preferred because it drops under its own weight causing it to hang on the body in a very unique way. It looks stunning especially in pure dazzling virginal white which is why it has always been the obvious choice of satin for those gorgeous sumptuous wedding gowns made from yards of this romantic material. Bridal satin however is also absolutely perfect for just about any other silky garment a satin devotee’s heart could desire including sheets, pillowcases and even duvet covers.

Despite pure silk being a natural breathable fabric it unfortunately feels like nothing at all when worn close to the skin. This is great if you are looking for something soft and delicate like pretty feminine lingerie but satin fans like to feel the caress of these silky soft garments when they wear them. Bridal satin is therefore also often used for classic styles of lingerie such as French knickers and matching camisoles as well as being an ideal choice for luxury nightwear too. The satin lovers must die for item of ladies underwear made in this beautiful silken material is of course the slip. Preferably a full length version fashioned from pure white bridal satin with full shoulder straps trimmed with lace. In fact the more sophisticated lady finds this perfect for wearing beneath those sumptuous long evening gowns especially the opera top style of full slip which flatters the figure and helps prevent the dress from clinging. The great news for fans of bridal satin is that there are still plenty of specialist lingerie suppliers out there making these heavenly creations right up to plus sizes so the larger lady can enjoy the pleasures of wearing quality underwear too.

Bridal satins number one use of course is for wedding gowns and elegant evening dresses of all kinds including those fabulous prom dresses that are still in big demand amongst the younger generation. Every bride dreams of the day she will walk down the aisle dressed in yards of white shimmering satin wearing the perfect dress of her dreams on the big day. With so many wedding dress styles available these days she is going to be well spoilt for choice that’s for sure and then of course there is the bridal lingerie and the wedding night trousseaux to be considered too. There is still a following for those fabulous bridal satin petticoats that will give the dress that full floating effect with layers of netting or hoops fitted into the fabric. Everything from satin basqes to pretty feminine suspender belts in white bridal satin could complete the outfit until the bride steps out of her gorgeous gown before to slip into her matching nightgown and negligee at the end of her most memorable day. Enjoy silky satin.

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