Sexy Maternity Lingerie and Why Everyone Needs It

Just because your lingerie is “everyday” underwear, doesn’t mean to say it can’t be stylish and sophisticated – and sexy. And just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean to say you too can’t feel desirable. Pregnancy is possibly one of the most feminine times in your life – revel in it and celebrate it by wearing sexy maternity lingerie.

I imagine you thought the words camisole, G-string, French knickers and bikini were lost to you during your pregnancy? Maybe it didn’t occur to you that you could feel desirable and desired, that your lingerie could inspire romance. You are not alone but there is a solution and it is as close as your lingerie or online store. I wanted to continue wearing the lingerie I was used to during my three pregnancies and have the right level of support from a bra, pants and maternity nightwear. This lead to a lot of research on my part about maternity lingerie and I listened to a lot of other women who felt the same way.

A pregnant body is a sexy body – fertile and fabulous. Testament to this are the daily media reports we see of celebrities shouting to the world about how fantastic they feel and look while they are pregnant – and how their partners desire them. Lingerie need not be overtly provocative however. You may prefer the romantic undertones of luxurious nighties, camisoles that skim over your skin, touches of satin and lace which enhance your shape.

Sexy lingerie does offer well designed support and practicality for your changing body, while looking exquisite. Bras feature A-frame support and power elastane, wider shoulder straps and cotton lining, no-fuss maternity clips and extra eyes for expansion are discreetly incorporated. Gone are the days when maternity pants mean matronly. I personally prefer the low profile designs which give you a smooth line and you can choose from bikini, G-string, French knickers with loose or form fitting sides, ruching and lace or satin detailing. Maternity sleepwear offers you a choice too while always the practical solutions for nights when you need help to feel comfortable, or to feed with the least fuss possible. Sensual lingerie in soft cottons and silky microfibres look and feel ravishing against your skin. Soft pleats and delicate lace afford discreet breast-feeding for the new mother. Desirable and luxurious nighties offer an expression of sensuality for both you and your partner.

Sexy maternity lingerie can be worn for one off occasions or for your entire pregnancy, such is the level of design these days. As with your regular lingerie, make sure you are fitted properly by a professional bra fitter and get refitted if you experience any discomfort down the track.

HOTmilk Lingerie is a deliciously decadent maternity and breastfeeding lingerie [] collection designed to make women feel confident and sexy during the many challenges of motherhood.

In three years HOTmilk Lingerie has blossomed to becoming a multi award winning multinational business and has seen the HOTmilk brand become a global leader in maternity and breastfeeding lingerie.

In 2008 HOTmilk Lingerie was voted the #1 brand in the UK at Pregnancy and Birth magazines Bloom Awards and was also the readers choice award winner for Maternity Lingerie at the 2009 Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazines Fashion Awards.


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