Sexy Lingerie! Is it Just For Our Sexy Days?

Sexy lingerie, is it just for our sexy days or can we wear lingerie on non-sexy days? When people think of lingerie they think of sexy lingerie items they immediately think of sheer sexy panties, baby-dolls, corsets, bras chemises and teddies but also some think that these sexy lingerie items are reserved just for special days. These sexy, erotic and sometimes just sweet and cute underwear items are for any day of the week. Obviously, when choosing your panties, bras,chemises, body-stockings and other such lingerie items you will probably be purchasing these for an erotic fun filled night with your husband, boyfriend or partner of choice. However, there is nothing stopping your from wearing these types of underwear lingerie items whenever you like.

Wear your sexy lingerie any day of the week.

It’s fine for your man or woman (dependent on who your partner is) to unhook your bra and gently pull down your sexy lacy panties on those special nights. It is even better to wear those washed (or unwashed if it turns you on more) panties and bra on a work day underneath your work clothes and feel sexy all day, on any day of the week, whilst remembering the post panties removal and the feelings that you felt at that moment. It is a good idea to keep your brain sexually active because like all organs in the body with lack of use they deteriorate. Keep your sexually charged synapses highly trained and your lovemaking will almost always be on top form. In all sexual encounters the brain is keeping your body in its highly sexually aroused state.

Sex and being sexy is all its cracked up to be.

Some people are of the opinion that sex and being sexy is not all it is cracked up to be. If you are from this group of people then you may have a sexual problem, you may have a huge workload and think only of work with no time for sexual thoughts, you may think you are too intelligent for sex and just use sex to produce offspring, you may have no genitalia, you may be too shy to talk about or even contemplate having sex. Leaving any jokes aside, sex is a beautiful event, it may at times seem dirty, it may at times seem pointless, it may at times even seem insane and violent but almost all of the acts you perform whilst having sex are normal. Sex has been around since the birth of man and woman. There is no space for hang-ups.

It seems very strange that people who are in the lingerie business or another connected business that feeds the sexiness of people seem to have great sexual lives and enjoy every minute of sexy time they get. For others that do not know their own sexiness and fail to gain it, you need to try harder. Leave your inhibitions at the door of your bedrooms, try almost anything sexual once and definitely wear sexy lingerie on non-sexy days. Get the feel for your sexiness, become even sexier and keep the sexiness there by always trying to look sexy in your undergarments. You have many possible choices about what you could wear, for instance basques, corsets, bustiers, sexy lace panties and bras as well as many other types of lingerie.

Silky, smooth, sexy, feel me!

The feel of silk or some other soft lingerie item caressing your body can make anyone’s pores feel alive with sexual energy. If you do not own a piece of sexy lingerie and have maybe never owned a pvc cat suit or a tight figure hugging corset, buy one now and feel your sexy side come to life. Many styles are available it just requires a will and then you can purchase to your hearts desire. If you are wearing your everyday plain Jane pants (the ones that you wear when in your period but because they are so relaxed you wear the same style of pants on your none period days) then think again. You should get in to the habit of being 100% sexy underneath your main clothes and even when you are bored or tired out at work, your mind will be racing thinking of what will happen tonight or what happened during the past few nights.

Limitations are a disease of the shackled mind.

Limitations are many but to unshackle your chains and become a sexier person, you have to make a promise to yourself, to keep your partner and keep on seducing them day in day out, you need to be sexy at all times. People do not kill relationships, boredom kills relationship. Keep it new, keep it fresh, keep it sexy and keep the pleasure scale up there. So buy something sexy for you or your partner today and let us all be sexy out there girls and boys.

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