Passionata Thongs to Give Your Whims Free Rein

Passionata has designed a line of matching bras and panties to fulfill your every fashion desire. Their line of ultra-sexy thongs is a part of that overall goal.

Take a gander at the White Nights thong, for example. Its panels are sheer mesh and the thong comes in a variety of colors – rich black, sexy white, brooding brown, river blue, and more. No matter what color suits your mood you get the same chic styling that characterizes the matching Passionata bra collection.

Want a hint of vintage? Slip into this thong and do more than bring back memories of days gone by. Create new ones. Picot trim at the thighs lends a touch of design that is not too much, not too little. The floral applique motif gives it an air of sophistication at the hip and across the minimal-coverage rear.

The Passionata Passio Boudoir model is aptly named. The word means “a lady’s private room” in French. Find out just how appropriate that is when you slip one on and look in the mirror. Stretch satin jersey is overlaid at the front with delicate spot mesh. Each hip sports a satin bow for that indefinable something. Discover by touch just how style and comfort can be perfect partners.

Look closely at the piping on the trim. Love that bold contrast? Passionata thought you might. It borders a beautiful thong that has become one of Passionata’s most popular. It’s not hard to see why. Supremely chic styling will always generate a buzz.

And, for those who love the string version – and who doesn’t? – Passionata has responded to the call. Done in stunning river blue, this piece is made from ultra-comfortable stretch, glossy microfiber. The low rise cut enhances curves to make an image that will linger in the mind forever. Black edging creates a sexy contrast, while ribbon bows supply the ideal feminine touch.

The Passionata Chanson d’Amour is another best-selling Passionata bra. The company’s lingerie designers have thoughtfully supplied a matching thong. That wasn’t charity or avarice. It was an act of love. The name means “Song of Love” after all and you’ll be singing when you slip one on.

This model features floral embroidery, but the effect is anything but flowery. Subtle design that supplies just a hint here and a touch there have transformed what might be gauche into something tres chic. Nearly invisible bows are just more proof that subtle is the way to go. That theme continues with the beautiful low rise waist and lining at the front.

Turn this piece over and observe a number of clever little keyhole details. That design element conveys sexy fun that will have you smiling in the mirror, even fully dressed. Minimal coverage lets you shine through. Sheer mesh reveals the best you.

The Passionata thongs [] collection provides a design to match every bra. But even if you prefer to mix and match – contrast is another form of high style, after all – your every fashion whim will meet its match here.

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