Information on Types of Lingerie – Comfortable or Glamorous

Buying lingerie for women is a very personal and individual process. You can purchase lingerie for your self keeping your comfort in mind or you can buy it to entice your mate by looking really hot and drop dead sexy in it. But whatever your preference there is a wide selection to choose from. Lingerie comprises not only basic lingerie, i.e., brassieres and panties but also corsets, body stockings, chemises and night-wear. There is also costume lingerie that can be purchased that has themes.

When buying lingerie for yourself you must give most care to comfort. These are often made of pure cotton with comfy styles. They can be of varied colors and prints. This is the underwear you wear everyday so there is no need for it to be fancy or elaborate. But it can also be made of silks and satins, be embroidered, or even have lace. Just because it is only for yourself does not mean you can’t be pampered. Glamorous lingerie on the other hand is far more elaborate.

Fancy lingerie is usually purchased when you keep your mate in mind. It is not generally for you but more to show off to your mate, be it your husband, boyfriend or passing fancy. The carnal act between a man and a woman can be greatly spiced up with the use of glamorous lingerie. These are found in more vibrant colors and prints ranging from romantic reds to demure whites to sexy blacks. Their styles are designed in a way to attract your man and to excite him. These are usually tight and body hugging and when coupled with the right stockings and heels can drive your guy wild. They can also be found with themes. Costume lingerie like a French maid’s outfit, or a cat suit, of police uniform based one are hugely popular because they can be used for role playing during foreplay.

Lingerie stores generally stock all kinds of underwear. So you can just go down to these stores in malls and pick out the ones that you would like to adorn. But some women feel a little embarrassed to purchase lingerie especially the glamorous kind and feel terribly self conscious at these stores. The best alternate for them is purchasing them online. this way you can go to different websites and pick out the one you want without feeling any embarrassment. On the internet you will also have a better selection to choose from.

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