Different Types of Thongs


While the word thong often brings one specific style of the underwear to mind, there are actually a number of different styles that can be referred to as thongs. Each has distinct characteristics, and cater to a number of stylistic preferences. You might not be daring enough to wear that g-string in public, but tanga here you come!

1. G-string:

This is, by far, the scantiest type of thong. Whimsically referred to as ‘butt floss’, a g-string consists of a small front triangle, with strings that go around your hips and under your behind.

2. Tanga:

In contrast to the G-string, the Tanga covers quite a large area. The front is completely covered, and in the back the material is higher cut, usually curving up a few inches above the butt.

3. Thong:

The part of the thong family that is actually called a thong has more coverage than the g-string, with material in the front, commonly in a triangle shape, and a 1/2-1 inch strip of fabric to cover the backside (details at [http://www.SpicyRelationships.com/lingerie/]).

4. V-string:

This thong is known for the V shape that it makes going up the back. It is commonly used in one piece swimsuits, and offers slightly more coverage than a g-string.

5. T Back:

This thong has a good amount of front coverage, and has a wide waistband going around the back. The T shape is made by the juncture of the waistband part merging into the back material of the thong.

6. Rio:

The Rio is commonly known as a ‘starter thong’. If you don’t know whether thongs are for you, or you think g-strings are a bit too risque, then this thong might be for you. It resembles high cut bikini briefs more than anything else, and makes a nice transitional garment.

No matter what flavor of thong you’re into, there’s a style and shape for to suit almost everyone’s tastes!

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