Benefits of Natural Bamboo Fabric in Lingerie


Lingerie brings to mind images of sexy looking women so when we go out to purchase lingerie, what we are in fact purchasing, is a little bit of sexiness. What a lot of women fail to realise is that sexiness is not really about how you look, it is about how you feel and that is what natural bamboo fabric in lingerie is all about.

The benefits of this top-line organic fabric when used in lingerie are quite a lot, and more women are beginning to appreciate these benefits in their lingerie.

1. Luxurious Feeling: natural bamboo fabric has a soft and luxurious feeling that is even more evident when it is placed next to the skin. With the characteristic breathability of cotton, this natural fabric feels more like silk on the body and when spun into yarn, is even softer than silk fibre.

2. Natural Antibacterial and Antifungal. Bamboo itself has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that are unique to it. It is intrinsic to the plant itself so that after the process of making the fabric has been passed through, it still retains those antibacterial and antifungal qualities. In fact, textile tests done on natural bamboo fabric shows that even after several washes, the antibacterial and antifungal properties of the fabric still remain intact.

3. Giving Back. One benefit of using fabrics made with natural bamboo in lingerie is the confidence which comes from knowing you are doing your bit for the environment. They are seen as a top eco-friendly fabric because the manufacturing process is very environmental friendly. Sexiness comes from confidence, which comes from the inside; from knowing your worth and the value you add to humanity. What better way to add value and feel good at the same time?

4. Hypoallergenic Properties. Generally, one problem a lot of people experience with wearing natural fabrics so close to the skin is an allergic reaction. However, with this top organic fabric there are very little, if any allergic reactions. This is because the fibres are naturally smooth and round and undergo almost no chemical treatment, making them extremely suitable for wearing next to the skin.

5. Excellent Absorption Rate. Natural bamboo fabric is highly water absorbent and can absorb three times its weight in water. What this translates to in lingerie is that when you are wearing a lingerie made from this natural fabric, you get a higher level of comfort because it absorbs moisture from the skin.

Natural bamboo fabrics are organic fabrics for several reasons. First of all, they do not require as much water as cotton to grow and its antibacterial and antifungal properties mean that the use of pesticides and other forms of herbicide becomes totally unnecessary. Secondly, it is less expensive than owning a silk item because bamboo grows very quickly, unlike the time that is used to grow a silk worm. Therefore, you get the luxuriousness of sheer, smooth and soft fabrics for affordable prices, while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

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