Know About Dry Eyes Conditions and the Different Treatments


Dry eyes are a common eye condition. As the name suggests,Guest Posting in this condition the eye lacks enough moisture or lubrication as required.

Symptoms Of Dry Eyes

Here are a few common symptoms of dry eyes:

•    Itchiness.

•    Burning sensation.

•    Heavy feeling on eyes.

•    Aching sensation.

•    Sore eyes.

•    Fatigued eyes.

•    Dryness.

•    Photophobia (sensitivity of eyes against light sources).

•    Red eyes.

•    Deficient vision.

It may be unusual to sound but continuous runny water through the eyes as tears can also indicate dry eyes.

Dry Eye Diagnosis And Tests

Being one of the most sensitive organs in the body the human eye needs proper care to avoid dry eyes condition. If you feel any uneasiness in your eyes or they show symptoms of dry eyes, visit a doctor immediately. There are several tests to diagnose dry eyes. The most common test among them is Schirmer’s test.

Tests mainly find out the quantity and quality of tears that your eyes can produce. Otherwise, in many cases, the symptoms are enough to suspect whether one has dry eyes or not.  

Treatments For Dry Eyes

There are various treatments for dry eyes available which have lowered the severity of this disease to a great extent. We have numbered a few important ones out of them.

There are a wide range of medications that work excellent in curing dry eye conditions. The types of these medications can be broadly categorized into five groups.

•    Medicines To Lessen The Burning Sensation Of Eyes:

These are mainly antibiotic medications prescribed by your doctor to lower the irritation and burning sensation of your eyes.

•    Eye Drops To Cure Cornea Inflammation:

Restasis is an amazing eye drop to cure inflammation of the cornea. It contains the immune-suppressing medication cyclosporine or more simply, corticosteroids. Using Restasis drop is prescribed only when the condition has reached a risky stage, as it has some side effects.  

•    Eye Inserts For Producing Artificial Tears:

This is also a type of treatment that is done when the symptoms of dry eyes are severe. A tiny artificial insert is deposited into the surface of the eye. The insert is hydroxypropyl cellulose that dissolves in the eye in itself, giving it the required moisture.  

•    Drugs To Stimulate Natural Tears:

Cholinergic drugs are used to stimulate the production of natural tears. These are some of the most preferred treatments for dry eyes.

•    Autologous Blood Serum Drops:

These are eye drops made from one’s own blood. This is the last stage of treatment where your eye is failing to respond to any other forms of treatment.

Dry eyes are one of those diseases which give you more of a sort of irritation than a pain. In this age of constant use of mobiles and laptops, this disease has become more common than ever. However, promising treatments are available to cure this disease.

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