How to be Healthy – AND Run a Business at the same time!


As Internet professionals,Guest Posting or just online entrepreneurs
trying to run a small business successfully, we are all
overworked, tired and stressed out. We often don’t eat
properly during the course of our busy days, we aren’t
getting good, healthy, restful sleep, and we certainly
aren’t drinking enough of that elixir of life called WATER.

If you’re anything like me, you do a lot of TALKING about
how you need to improve your health, but not a whole lot of

As a former health professional, I can assure that it IS
possible to run a successful online business AND take care
of your number one asset, your health. Indeed, it’s now
possible to combine the two — many people have discovered
that they can parlay their newfound interest in their own
personal health into successful online health-related

There are, of course, all kinds of advantages to improving
your health. You’ll have more energy, which means you can
work even longer hours, or at least be more productive in
the hours you do work. Your brain will be less fuddled …
so you will be better at remembering details, solving
problems, and even ‘crunching numbers’ – all of which are
required skills for today’s busy entrepreneur.

I am an Osteopathic physician by trade, but I have always
had a keen interest in nutrition. Since I am exposed to
small amounts of radiation in my practice on a daily basis,
I was interested in ways to minimize its harmful effects, so
I began to investigate the use of various antioxidants and
herbal remedies for my own personal protection.

Additionally, I’ve read quite a large volume of nutritional
health-related literature. What I’ve learned about health
AFTER becoming a doctor is much more useful than all the
things I learned during my medical training!

Here are just a few health-related tips to keep you – and
your business, consequently – booming! Now, using these
simple tips, you’ll be able to DO something about your
health, instead of just talking about it!

Stay away from refined sugar and white flour as much as
possible – they are considered “negative nutrients,” which
means that they fail to contribute to your health, and may
even pull other necessary vitamins and minerals from your
system. A couple of immediate benefits may include the
ability to control cravings for sweets, and enhancing the
ability to balance mood swings.

Take a close look at the huge array of low- and no-fat
products on the market today. By staying away from blatantly
fried foods, it is possible to be maintain healthy
cholesterol levels, and promote proper metabolism, burning
fat off rather than storing it.

Finally, spend a few minutes each day envisioning good
health and doing some deep breathing! Maintaining a mental
image of health works as a catalyst to enhance weight loss
and produce energy, among other things. Taking a few minutes
to picture the kind of health you desire, while employing
the optimal breathing technique, will do wonders for your
peace of mind.

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