Diamond Choosing Tips

Procuring a diamond engagement ring is one of most important pre-marriage events for you and your fiancé. The whole process can be very confusing, with “X” dollars as the budget –

* What to buy? A large diamond or a smaller one with better quality.

* How to assess the color?

* How to assess the cut?

* What is a solitaire? Should you buy one?

The following factors and suggestions can be considered before you make a purchase:

1. Try and educate yourself before you go to buy a diamond, especially on the color, clarity, cut and carat factors. Do a little of window shopping to get to know the current styles and designs.

2. A diamond’s cut is the most important factor to be considered since it affects the diamond’s cost, beauty and durability. The diamond’s sparkle depends upon its cut, since it changes the refractivity of the diamond. Thin cuts make lifeless diamonds. A well cut diamond can fetch upto twice the actual value of the stone. A wrong or faulty cut can make or break the diamond.

3. Clarity as commonly believed does not affect the sparkle of the diamond. Clarity does not have any effect on beauty of the diamond.

4. Diamonds cost more when purchased in full carat values. A diamond of 0.9 carat costs mush less than a diamond of 1 carat and a diamond of 1.9 carats costs much lesser than a diamond of 1.9 carats and so on. Choosing a diamond of 0.9 or 1.9 carats would be a great way to get value for money.

5. While choosing the size, look to alternate shapes rather than a round one. A round diamond tends to look smaller. Oval or pear shaped diamonds of the same carat value look bigger than the round ones.

6. Choose a design that has more number of smaller stones in good setting. They tend to cost less.

7. Considerations of color can be set aside when you set the diamond in white gold or platinum. A colorless diamond can be very expensive, so choose the base metal according to the color of the stone.

A diamond as generally believed need not be flawless. A flaw does not decrease its value or beauty. If a diamond is properly cut, flaws will not be visible. For that matter, nothing ever is perfect.

Despite a host of varieties available, diamond engagement rings always makes your fiancée the happiest.

Despite a host of varieties available,

diamond engagement rings [http://www.diamond-engagements-ring.com] always makes your fiancée the happiest.

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