Atomic Watches – Are They Gender Specific?

Not everybody is familiar or admits to having entertained a dispute on how products are being advertised to the public in a sexist point of view.  Come to think of it, this has been going on for years now and whether we mind it or not, we cannot deny the fact that it largely exists in today’s world.  You either see advertisements on television and written publications or hear it on the radio how some products are specially manufactured for women just for the mere purpose of increasing their market sales.  You see products from cars to cigarettes and watches that look slimmer and more fragile than they are averagely known for. 

And these slimmer and newer versions are intended to create a desire for women to use them.  Some women would think these are just quite convenient, but a great number of women find these as insults and rather sexist ways of getting their attention to use a certain product and since then, efforts to specialize products for women’s use only were largely dropped because of the increasing negative effects they brought about.  Nowadays, however, you still see some products specifically designed for women.  Watches for example, still have different designs and colors and are still specified if they are for women’s or men’s use only. 

Such that when atomic watches came into play, the buyers got confused as to whether there really was a difference and a gender distinction between men’s atomic watch and women’s atomic watch.  You see, atomic watches whether for men or for women are designed for various purposes other than sound timekeeping.  Gaining convenient satellite access to automatically synchronize the time and GPS system to tell the time zone are two of the primary purposes, too.  They are generally used for outdoor activities and could greatly withstand the roughness of the terrain, as well as the depth of the ocean. Now, there really is not much of a distinction whether they are for men or women only, as both genders engage in various challenging activities and are inclined to use atomic watches.

As The Marketing Frenzy Continues

The manufacture of atomic watches is highly-specialized and entails a specific amount of engineering and technology.  But to gender specify the use of an atomic watch as solely for men is as damaging as that of the marketing frenzy that took the women’s world by storm in the earlier years.  Men’s atomic watches do not need a feminine version as they are just going to be serving the same purpose.  And with that in mind, one can never really say that atomic watches are specifically for one gender only.  They can be used by anyone at anytime as long as they serve the purpose for which they are designed for.

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