3 Easy Steps on How to Buy Jewelry Online

Almost any type of product and service is being advertised and sold online. If you love jewelry and have been buying from offline retailers, you’re probably wondering if online jewelry shops are worth buying from.

Actually, there are thousands of online jewellers and shops that you can visit. However, there is no guarantee that each and every one of them is legitimate or selling real deal jewelry. While most people still stay away from online jewelry shops [particularly those who are buying high-end or expensive jewelry], some are trying their luck because of the price difference and convenience.

If you’re a smart buyer and would like to try buying jewelry online, take these 3 easy steps to help you out:

1. Know your online jewelry store

First and foremost, you should look for a real, legitimate online jewelry shop. If you’re not in a hurry, it is important that you research the store’s credentials. You may think that this is tedious work but if you really want to put value on your money you’ll be happier if you were able to do this.

A legitimate online jewelry store would have an offline counterpart or a company with a physical address and contact numbers as well as email. If you got this info, get in touch with the manager of the office and tell them your intention of buying jewelry from their online store. A legitimate team behind a legitimate store will be more than willing to help you and would go the extra mile to get your trust.

If they offer you a guarantee in print if you were able to make an initial deal via telephone, keep the print [usually attach to an email] before you purchase from the online store.

Beware of stores that sound too good to be true especially if they make way too low offers that are absurd. And a well-versed jewelry buyer knows the standard and basic rates, so if you know someone or you are one, use that knowledge to find the right retailer.

2. Browse, check and purchase

Browse the online store of the jewelry shop that you chose and check for the following:

– money-back guarantee

– return policy

– secure payment scheme [with policies and guarantees]

– customer service information

– shipping policy

– other client-friendly features and offers

jewelry appraisal [or something similar]

If you are satisfied with the store’s offers and with your item of choice, it is time to add it in your online shopping cart and proceed to check-out. Provide your complete shipping address and proceed to payment.

Normally for online stores, they choose PayPal or credit card payments which are ideal because of fast transaction.

3. Inspect the product upon receipt

Make sure that you take the product to a certified jeweller to have it checked. It is better to do this to ensure that the item is real and to know if it is worth the value. Of course there will be some slight variances on the pricing which is normal since there are a lot of competitions online and offline.

The idea when buying jewelry online is to be wise before you actually purchase an item. There are many scammers out there who are waiting for the next clueless buyer, so don’t let this happen to you. Prepare yourself, get info and browse for legitimate stores that will deliver what they promised.

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