What Causes Hair Loss in Men – Can it Be Cured?

Why is it that men lose their hair? In a few cases, baldness which happens naturally in men is a genetic trait inherent within their family. Although baldness is regarded as a natural normal process, it is however an issue most men have to deal with. Hair loss in men may be seen as a sign of aging or getting old, however, this is a not the case.

Nowadays, unlike years ago, men may have their hair replaced using three different and very specific techniques. The first option is to take FDA approved medication like Propecia. The next choice would be to surgically replace the hair; and the last option is wear a hairpiece or wig. With these choices, the preferred one is Propecia, however this is not for everyone as it has been noted that it may have sexual side effects.

The Surgical option involves moving segments of scalp or transplanting what is known as plugs of hair. However this method may also result in infection. The final option, is wearing a hair piece which is surely a viable option; peculiarly nowadays that advancements in technology have meant that hair pieces are now more natural looking and accessible.

Other possible reasons for hair loss are alopecia areata, stress or tension, poor diet, certain medications, chemical treatments, surgical procedure or chemotherapy; thyroid disease and scalp ringworm.

The alopecia areata is a condition where the immune system closes down as it assumes the hair follicles are antibodies. This condition generally causes patchy hair loss especially in men.

As part of the normal hair renewal process it is estimated that men commonly lose between 50 to 100 hairs on a daily basis. Most people lose hair at one time or another in their life however lucky or regrettable, it may be. Although the hair loss may be short term, other hair losses are indeed much more permanent. One of the most common causes of hair loss for men occurs from the front to the crown and is related to a hormonal imbalance. There are medications available which may offer a preventative alternative in treating this condition.

Hair loss in men can be devastating; especially for men who are fairly young. In most cases the hair grows back; but for the unlucky few, they need to make a choice as to whether to take some form of medication, wear a hair piece or to have some form of surgical procedure. Whilst there are these three choices to remedy hair loss in men, it is advisable to look into each of these methods and then decide which option would best suit you. If you would prefer to take Propecia then it would be sound advice to discuss this option with your doctor. Many men who have receding hairlines, bald spots and a loss of hair find it hard to live while for other men really like it and find it quiet sexy. In any case it is nice to know that there are now choices for hair loss.

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