How to Choose the Best Hair Loss Treatment For Combating Female Hair Loss

Women suffering from female hair loss endure a very personal pain. Our society places so much emphasis on appearances and in response women place a high value on their hair. That is why it is so important to find a hair replacement method that woks effectively. Each hair loss treatment deals with thinning hair in different ways. By examining these techniques closely, women can determine which one is the right solution for them.

Topical Solutions as a Female Hair Loss Treatment

A popular brand of Minoxidil, Rogaine is an effective method of hair restoration for many women living with female hair loss. Rogaine is easy to use and is often one of the first solutions recommended for women with a family history of thinning hair. For optimum hair restoration, the lotion should be applied to the affected regions of the scalp twice daily.

Unfortunately, Rogaine is not an instant cure. In fact, it can take up to four months for the appearance of soft new hairs. This hair restoration product also carries very few risks so long as it is not used on broken skin. It is almost impossible to overdose on this medication and common side effects such as headaches, itching, and allergic reactions are rare.

Synthetic and 100% Human Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are a relatively easy way to treat female hair loss. An economical solution, this hair replacement method looks natural and requires less styling and maintenance than 100% human hair extensions. This hair restoration method lasts for a period of up to three months making it easy to use a different treatment later on. On the down side, heat and styling products such as coloring and perms can seriously damage the extensions.

When looking for hair replacement methods, many women prefer the look and feel of 100% human hair extensions because this type of hair addition can be treated the same as naturally grown hair. It can be styled, washed and colored like normal and there are no limitations on activities such as swimming. Although this female hair loss treatment carries a higher cost, 100% human hair extensions last a great deal longer than synthetic varieties.

Wigs and Other Hair Pieces

Women often use wigs as a quick and easy way to cure severe female hair loss. These pieces can be easily purchased, however quality is the key to finding one that appears natural. In order to be a quality hairpiece, it needs to look natural and last for a long time without looking worn out or tired. Look for one that has a well constructed backing. This prevents the hairs from falling out and gives the hairpiece a natural looking hairline. In order to effectively hide female hair loss, the hair in the wig should also behave just like naturally grown hair.

Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) is also an effective method for treating female hair loss. Lasers increase the level of blood flow to the scalp by passing a particular wavelength of light across the scalp without harming the skin. The added blood flow allows more nutrients, balances hair oil, which in turn improves hair quality and production. This hair loss treatment is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of non surgical hair replacement because of its high rate of success.

Today, there is no need to suffer in silence with thinning hair. Hair restoration treatments work for everything from mild hair thinning to total hair loss. By consulting with a professional, finding the right treatment for female hair loss is possible.

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