Foods That Prevent Hair Loss


Healthy diets provide a lot more than healthy bodies. Certain foods can promote hair growth and help prevent loss of hair and hair thickness is maintained by specific nutrients.

Fish provides fatty acids, necessary for the maintenance of healthy hair and skin. Fatty acids found in fish are also effective as a protection mechanism against high cholesterol, heart disease and helps to lower blood pressure.

Vitamin C in oranges is an excellent supply of collagen, vital for hair growth, helps prevent hair loss and assists the body to absorb iron from protein sources such as meat in our daily diets.

An extremely good source of vitamin B6A and zinc can be found in the miracle food chickpeas. These two elements nourish the hair, promote hair growth and prevent loss of hair while zinc and Vitamin A combine well in preventing dandruff and loss of hair.

Soybeans are useful as they contain large amounts of vitamin E and iron. Iron is important in the production of hemoglobin – hemoglobin is an element that carries oxygen in the blood to all the tissues and major organs of the body and normal hemoglobin levels ensures adequate flow of blood to the scalp for hair growth stimulation (vitamin E also assists in the increased flow of blood to the scalp).

Silica and iron are significant in promoting hair growth and are provided by whole wheat. The predominant task of silica is assisting the body to absorb the many minerals and vitamins that it requires to function optimally. Modern diets do not supply sufficient amounts of silica which may contribute to loss of hair.

It is not generally known that almonds help in preventing hair loss. They are a wonderful source of iron, protein and vitamin E (all critical elements in ensuring healthy hair and hair growth stimulation). Almonds also provide vegetable proteins which lower cholesterol levels.

The important minerals potassium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium are found in oats. Following diets that include all of these foods means that the whole body benefits from it and will save you money that may have been spent buying over the counter products.

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