Expect The Unexpected – A Timeline For Hair Transplants To Grow

When individuals decide to have hair transplants to try and alleviate the effects of hair loss, they have often weighed up the financial cost versus the effect that losing their hair as had on their mental health. However, all too often those same individuals that have deliberated over whether to get hair transplants or not neglect to consider what will happen after the procedure takes place. Many people expect immediate results following hair transplants, which is extremely unrealistic. There is a definite timeline for hair transplants to grow and, although the exact timings vary from person to person, it should give you a rough idea of what to expect.

Obviously day one on the timeline for hair transplants to grow is the actual procedure. During that procedure, a specialist will create little nicks in the scalp and implant the donor hairs that would have already been taken from populated areas on your head. As a result, the procedure obviously causes painful and itchy cuts that will immediately scab over. However, the nature of the hair grafts may also result in slight nerve damage for a while. The fatty tissue underneath the scalp, which is the new home of the transplanted follicles, will be numb for a few days as a result. This does promote the healing process though.

The next step on the timeline for hair to grow is initially shedding of the hairs originally attached to the implanted follicles and the healing of the scalp. This will take up to a month, depending on your ability to heal. During the few weeks of this stage, your head will almost certainly look unsightly. It is perfectly normal for the grafts to shed their previous hair because they are assimilating to their new environment. Anyone expecting immediate results from their hair transplant will panic during this stage, but it is not necessary because shedding is completely normal.

The timeline for hair transplants [http://www.medicalhairtransplantation.org/hairlosstreatment/5_reasons_hair_transplant.html] to grow dictates that you will see normal growth begin at around the three-month stage, although it could be as late as five months before the hairs do start to form properly. This may seem like a lifetime, but the grafts need time to settle before they begin to grow. A lot of patience is required for this stage because anxiety and stress may delay growth further.

A full head of mature hair will not be apparent in a hair transplant patient until a year after the operation. The timeline for hair transplants to grow dictates that it could be a little longer, but by the time a year has passed by you should see a marked difference from the pattern of your hair growth before the procedure.

The timeline for hair transplants to go is undoubtedly frustrating for all parties involved. It requires a lot of patience and a calm faith that it will work in the end, but an individual can’t expect those results to happen immediately. Like all surgical procedure, it takes time to heal. For the best long-term results, you must accept that and get on with your life in the meantime.

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