Can Female Baldness be Treated With Provillus?

Female baldness can usually start after the time of life known as the menopause. In some cases, it can begin earlier. Female baldness is receiving more and more attention. Female baldness may begin at any age and may not have any obvious hereditary association.

Female baldness, no matter what the cause is a serious problem. However, you will not be worrying and causing more of your hair to disappear once you understand some facts about female baldness. In many cases, female baldness is just a temporary occurrence and thankfully, finding a baldness solution to it is relatively straight forward and easy.

There are some other causes of female baldness. These can include anemia, thyroid dysfunction, endocrine problems, gynecological conditions like ovarian tumors, connective tissue disease like Lupus, surgical procedures, crash diets and emotional stress. Pattern baldness however is the most common cause of female baldness.

It is often said that female baldness can be caused by a lack of vitamins. This is not the case. Baldness is the problem that came to present world because of the life style changes that rejects hair growth development. Hair growth cycles go into a state of rest when we are under stress.

Baldness in women, however, is not so acceptable, and is generally more devastating. Baldness in women usually manifests itself as diffuse thinning throughout the scalp with preservation of the hairline.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 30 million women in the United States have extensive baldness. A typical woman loses 15 to 40 hairs per day. The routine is that the hair “rests” for a period and will then fall out. Then the follicle from which it sprang grows a new hair strand.

More causes of baldness can be attributed to some autoimmune disorders. These result in a less dramatic condition such as alopecia areata. This is when hair comes out in clumps.

Some women find that the hormones they produce when they’re pregnant can make their hair fall out or appear thinner, but once the hormones return, this normally corrects itself.

Other women find that stress can make their hair fall out. Common myths include frequently washing your hair, using hair products or hair colourings. These will not cause alopecia. And also, if you inherit baldness, it will be from both parents’ genes, not just your dad’s or your mums.

There are many treatments and procedures to women who suffer with baldness. One of the best solutions is made by a company called Provillus. The solution Provillus produce is unique as they have a whole different product especially for female pattern baldness, not just a rehash of a male baldness product like other companies sell.

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