Summer is On The Way – So Are Toe Rings


I started wearing thumb rings and toe rings many years ago. Always with the same old problems, pinching, turning. Now that Spring is here it’s time to get out the sandals and summer wear along with summer jewelry, Toe Rings, if you can still find them.

Personally, I find myself buying 2 to 5 rings every summer, because they would get lost or just break because you have to keep pinching them to close around your toe. Even falling off and you don’t realize it’s gone until it’s to late. You could look forever back tracking your steps trying to find the little things. It can be sad to, especially when it may have been your favorite.

You have a new bathing suit or summer wear and want to show off your feet with your new sandals, SO
time for a new toe ring. Shortly during the day having to bend over to fix your toe ring because it’s about to come off or turns over. And this happens several times a day.

Well, I think i have a cure for these types of problems, Fitted Toe Rings. Yep! Why not have your Toe Ring sized to perfectly fit those toes! So they will never turn or pinch or break. Sure there cheap enough you say, not if your buying several every summer and all year for that matter. Because we love to show off our toes, just like our fingers, with something shiny. Having a ring custom fit gives you the added benefit of never losing them, plus the comfort of never feeling them turn or pinch. You actually forget you have them on.

It’s that simple. We do this for our fingers, so why not our toes as well.

Think about it, it does make good sense. It may cost a couple dollars more, but you won’t be buying them over and over again. []

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