If You Want To Be A Big Hit On The Dance Floor You Need Dance Shoes

When men prepare to go out dancing, they select a nice shirt and nice slacks or jeans and they take care to shave and spray themselves with colognes that have attractive scents. They do their hair and head out to the club, dressed to impress and ready to ask that certain someone to dance. One thing that many men overlook when dressing to go out dancing is their shoes.

Typically they just wear whatever shoes they have in the closet, like sneakers or sandals or even boots. These might be comfortable when you leave the house, but chances are you may come home limping. Even sneakers can hamper the best dancing skills, because they are made for traction and can stick to the floor, ruining your smooth dance moves. It’s important to wear shoes that will allow you to move, yet provide your feet with comfort. A leather loafer will provide your feet with both air and room to breath and will allow you to dance without having to focus on your throbbing feet.

Another consideration when it comes to dancing is the dance floor. Many dance studios have floors that are more conducive to dancing in that they have under flooring that provides cushioning. Not all studios have this benefit, having concrete flooring instead. This is why it’s always best to wear the proper shoes.

Now before you balk at the idea of going shoe shopping, consider this; the better the shoe, the better you will look on the dance floor. Smooth dancers attract people who want to dance with them, more so than those who are stumbling around. Even worse is to be asked to dance by an attractive person and having to decline because your feet are killing you. Men’s dancing shoes come in a wide variety and since the price ranges vary so widely, you have an excellent chance to find one that is within your budget. Some male dancers specialize in a certain type of dancing and there are shoes that are made for these specific dancing styles.

When selecting your shoe, consider ones that have ballet straps. The straps are stabilizing and look great as well. Other dance shoes have features that make the shoe hug the foot, like pumps. There are different types of soles, such as the ones made of suede. The suede sole assists the dancer in being able to move smoothly across the floor and to turn and spin. It is not advisable to wear this type of shoe outside, since the sole can be damaged.

The important thing to keep in mind when you bring home your shoes is to wear them before you go out to break them in. New shoes can be stiff, so let your feet get used to them before you go out to dance. This way you can take the dance floor by storm.

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