Boxers or Briefs?

It’s a moot point whether wearing boxers are more advantageous than wearing briefs. Undoubtedly, both of them provide you comfort, warmth and hygiene.

Boxers are lengthy and loose underpants. Many people prefer boxers rather than briefs because they are more comfortable. In boxers you feel free, and your blood circulation is uninterrupted. These undergarments are specially designed with an elastic waistband and open and loose fitting legs. Their leg sections extend to the thighs. Men, especially elderly men, use boxers as undergarments, while women use them as lounge wear or sleepwear. Boxers are soft and comfortable garments allowing you to relax. Boxers are also used as fashion garments and they come in a wide array of colors and patterns. Boxers can be either woven boxers (traditional) or knit boxers.

Briefs hold your body tight and give you a feel of confidence. They are used as swimwear too. Structurally, they differ from boxers. Briefs better define the contours of your body than briefs. Briefs are smaller and they fit to the body of the wearer perfectly. This feature makes briefs more popular underwear for athletic activities. Mostly, children and youngsters prefer briefs.

Boxers and briefs basically differ in size and fit. Boxers are more photogenic than briefs. But boxers sometimes create difficulties when using with tight pants. In dorm life, where unannounced guests pop in at unexpected hours, you may find your underwear suddenly on display. In such a situation, boxers, which are less revealing than briefs, are more socially appropriate.

A lot of discussion is being made on the fertility issues related to the wearing of these two types of under garments. Recent studies reveal that even though sperm sterilization can be caused by rapid rise and fall of temperature in the testes, wearing of briefs and boxes does not generate heat enough to disturb the normal functioning of men?s reproductive organs. As there are no substantial differences between boxers and briefs, design style and comfort should be the criteria for selecting either underwear.

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