Will Blow Dryers Damage Your Hair?


This is a tricky question because the answer is both yes and no. Everything depends on usage, and improper or irresponsible usage will give you problems with your hair. Let us explore this in a little more detail then.

Most of us use hair dryers or blow dryers as they are called, more to set our hair in a certain way rather than to dry out our hair. The problem with this is that we tend to use the dryer for a longer duration than is recommended.

Added to this is the hot and cool blow function that we toggle very similar to the way we switch television channels with the remote. Many beauty sites recommend how you use the hot function to get your hair into shape and then blow cold air immediately to “set” it in that shape. Many of us prefer this method to using gels or creams because it gives the hair a much softer look.

The problem with using the hair dryer for prolonged periods is that hot air tends to break down the cuticle of the hair. This results in the hair becoming coarse and losing its shine. Plus if you direct hot air directly on to your scalp, it results in the scalp getting very warm. The problem is that heat tends to cause hair follicles to open up. Plus when you use the hair dryer, the hair tends to build up in static electricity. When you brush your hair immediately after or during the process, the hair sticks to the brush and a gentle tug is enough to pull it out of your scalp.

If you are going to use your hair dryer to dry your hair and nothing else there is very little to fear. Even when you want to set your hair in place using the dryer, it is better to towel it as dry as possible and then use the dryer quickly to get the desired effect.

Another good way is to use it at the lowest heat setting. This may increase the duration of the drying by a minute or so, but it will also increase the life of your hair by much more.

Many manufacturers will tout claims to the contrary saying that their appliances have almost magical properties of reducing hair loss, but it is best to take these claims with a pinch of salt. Experience shows that using the dryer for as short a duration as possible and on the lowest heat setting is the best way to take care of your hair. Even the ionizing hair dryers only work well when used for the appropriate amount of time. If you use it for too long, the hair that had gained the moisture will once again start to lose it.

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