Which Is the Best Hair Straightener?

Everyone wants to know which the best product on the market is, especially when it comes to something as dependable as hair straightener. Unfortunately the best straightener for one person might not be the best for another, as the results depend on your hair type. So instead of recommending a specific model we’ll give you information that will help you choose the best hair straightener for you.

The most important feature in any straightening iron is the type of plates it uses. The best hair straighteners use ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, ceramic and titanium or ceramic and tourmaline plates. Ceramic plates are the most popular on the market due to their fast heating up, smooth plates, equal heat distribution and release negative ions which ensure silky smooth and frizz free hair. Titanium shares the same benefits except for the time it takes to heat up which in the case of titanium plates is reduced dramatically; this is the main reason why professional hair stylists and salons prefer titanium plated hair straighteners for their time saving advantages. Tourmaline also has similar qualities to ceramic plates but the tourmaline crystals which are crushed and mixed into ceramic plated have an extra advantage which is the amount of negative ions this natural stone releases. Tourmaline releases six times more of these ions than any other type of plates which guarantees the silkiest, shiniest hair you can have. Tourmaline also has properties that can actually improve the condition of your hair, making it the safest iron to use and the most popular among celebrities.

There are two additional features you should keep in mind when you’re out looking for your new straightener, the first is an adjustable heat control which is found in all professional hair straighteners as they allow you to increase or decrease the temperature of your iron depending on your hair type. Fine hair should use lower temperatures (around 180°F) while coarse, thick and curly hair should use higher temperatures. The second important feature is a swivel cord, although it’s optional but you’ll find that a swivel cord that doesn’t tangle while you style your hair is a life saver.

By now you should already have an idea of which kind of hair straightener classifies as best for you. Recommendations are always welcome but make sure you know enough about the model you’re planning to invest in.

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