What Colors Should I Wear for a Refreshing Effect?


Think of a dip into cool water on a hot summer’s day. Or eating a ripe, juicy strawberry. Or spotting a yellow tulip in the midst of a field of red tulips. Or a peaceful nap. Many situations can make you feel refreshed; energetic, healthy and cool.

  • The colors that most convey a feeling of refreshment are intense blues, green, teal and lighter blues.
  • Add in some bright complementary colors (those that are on the opposite side of the color wheel) and you and some punch.
  • Adding some analogous colors (neighboring colors on the color wheel) to the blues and greens will project a calmer, more watery experience.
  • Feel free to play with the color a little. Look at a color wheel. If you would shift the blue closer to the purple (and select a violet-blue), and shift the green closer to yellow (and select a yellow-green), and then choose an analogous color that is somewhere toward the middle of the two on the color wheel, you end up with a more sophisticated combination of refreshing colors.
  • We’re after bright, popping color with possibly some occasional softer blue. Think tropical, with an emphasis on the blues and greens.

Fabric designs with variety may look refreshing. Condensed shapes that are light in weight add a feeling of energy and bounce. You want to look for a feeling of lively, linear movement. Rhythmic directional movement in the design will add a sense of refreshing energy.

Above all, the basic answer to your question, “What colors should I wear?” will always be to select from a personal palette of your own best skin-tone-matching colors for your best look.

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