Super Solano Hair Dryers – Review

Salono products have always represented power, performance, and durability. Trusted by salon professionals and the average consumer, Solano Blow Dryers are sure to last through endless days of blow-outs and styling. In fact, the these professional blow dryers have been reported to last up to ten years. That’s way beyond the 2,000 hours of power that many other hair dryers brands claim.

Super Solano uses the most innovative technologies like tourmaline for increased shine, negative ion technology to help the hair retain moisture and resist dryness, brittleness, and static, and far infrared heat – all working together to dry the hair with perfect results every time. Their turbo power AC motors are made with the highest standards of quality and strength, and are hand crafted to ensure product integrity and consistent performance.

The Super Solano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer – 1800 Watt uses ceramic ions, tourmaline and nano silver technologies to offer all the best features in one amazing turbo blow dryer. Nano Silver technology resists bacterial growth, while negatively charged ions and tourmaline reduce loss of hydration to naturally retain moisture in the hair while rapidly reducing drying time. The ceramic grill helps to efficiently apply five heat settings and two speeds of heat to hair, consistently and evenly. For added safety, this professional hair dryer is lead free and has low EMF emissions. Although quiet, the Super Solano Lite is made to last. A heavy duty polycarbonate casted body helps it to resist impact if dropped.

The secret to achieving that salon quality blow-out is by using the same professional equipment that they use in the salon. Solano is a leading salon brand and is a great investment due to its reputation for strength and quality. For those looking for all the latest features and benefits in an ultra strong hair dryer that helps create beautiful blow-outs and polished hairstyles, Solano blow dryers are a great purchase.

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