Do You Have a Hard to Match Skin Tone?

As a makeup artist in Miami the most common question I get asked by my clients is how to achieve the perfect foundation shade that will match their skin tone perfectly.

Some ethnicities like African-American, Indian, Asian and even some Hispanic women have a really hard time finding a foundation shade that will blend in naturally with their own skin color. And I totally understand their concern because how can anyone look attractive when your face is two shades lighter than your neckline or your chest is tan and your face is ghostly white?

I’ll give you my little secret for achieving a perfect complexion every time with perfect coverage, no matter what your skin shade is. I use a foundation palette called RCMA. RCMA is a professional product with a very high pigmentation. Its cream based so it’s spreads easily and it contains no perfume, mineral oils or lanolin.

It comes in a great variety of colors and it’s GREAT for mixing so by sliding your foundation brush over one, two, or even three shades you can be certain to achieve your perfect foundation shade every single time.

The palettes come in full size or in an economy size called the RCMA Sampler Foundation Palette. The smaller size should be good enough for anyone who’s not a makeup artist. It should last you for a while. These palettes are also elegantly packaged in a slick black case with the RCMA logo engraved in golden letters.

So, there you have my little secret. Enjoy!

Briseida Lopez

Miami Makeup Artist

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