Curly Hair – Don’t Quit On Those Curls!

Cursing your curly locks? Trust me, those with straight hair are wishing they were you. So with these curls come options. Do you wear it curly or do you take the time to straighten? Chances are, if you straighten you already know exactly what to do and when you want to wear curls, you question how to style without the frizz and losing your curls. There are some important tips to follow so you can get the most beautiful curl possible that will hold all day.

When shampooing your hair always use a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner. While the conditioner is on brush it through with a wide tooth comb. This is the last time you should run a comb through your hair until your next shampooing and NEVER use a brush on curly hair. When done DO NOT towel dry your hair. The friction will open the cuticle and that’s what causes the frizz. So, just blot gently and then apply product.

When you are leaving your hair curly you should always use a smoothing and curling product and it should be applied when the hair is wet and saturated. Apply the product from the bottom of the shaft making your way up to the root in a “scrunching” motion. If you choose to blow dry you must use a diffuser because the full force of air without it will also move the cuticle again causing frizz. For beautiful, full curls let your hair air dry without any manipulation at all. Once you see how springy your curls can be and how easy it is to achieve once you know how, your curls will be the envy of every straight haired girl! One more very important thing for the perfect curly head is to get a good haircut. Find a stylist who has curly hair. She is the one who can best relate! So it’s like they say, “if you have it, flaunt it”. Need more curly tips? Drop me a line!

I am a licensed, professional cosmetologist and esthetician. I am a makeup artist & I love makeup! I am a self-proclaimed makeup junkie and a firm believer in trying it all and I am determined to do just that! I believe makeup is meant to be played with and that there should be no rules, just guidelines which I try and provide. I’ll give you the 411 on the good, the bad & the trendy. In my frequent updates I’ll share all of what’s new and the old faithfuls.

I am also a hairdresser. Again I like to try it all. There are so many products and tools to fit so many different needs. How do you know what to use, what’s out there, and what will suit your personal styling needs? I will, through my experiences behind my chair, bring to you all that I try and have success with. Whether it be product, tools, styling tips or time savers, I want to share them with you! Check out my website

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