Thinking About Botox Injections Injections Pick Twice

Floridians have been searching for the Fountain of Youth since the days of Ponce de Leon. Almost 500 years later, the entire U.S. is obsessed with anti-aging products and looking forever young. With so many options available, there seems to be no need for anyone to passively accept the deteriorating signs of aging. Like the snake oil salesman of the 1800s, every doctor or health commercial makes promises to turn back the clock. There are vitamins and supplements to take, creams to apply, diets to try, cosmetic and plastic surgery to be had and plenteous other treatments to slow down the aging process, but the biggest winner in America’s rush to youth is Botox.

My story is about one Floridian couple that not only got duped but got paralyzed As a healthy American approaching my retirement years, I wanted to gracefully take a few years off my appearance. After researching my options, my wife Bonnie and I decided our Fountain of Youth would be a small vial of Botox. All data indicted that Botox was harmless. Imagine removing all lines and wrinkles in minutes and taking years off your life–quickly and easily with little pain and no side effects. As a doctor, I did my research. Heck, it was easier then surgery then less risk, or were it?

After our first round of Botox injections in 2003 brought about the alluring promises of a more youthful appearance. But like most drugs, the temporary high wore off. Since the first round of Botox went so well, we decided a little “touch-up” was in order before the holidays. Little did we know that the second round of anti-wrinkle shots in 2004 would completely paralyze us and put us on our deathbeds.

DYING TO BE YOUNG: MY JOURNEY FROM BOTOX, BOTULISM AND BEYOND is my personal account of the first known case of botulism poisoning received from fake Botox injections. According to a recent article by JAMA we received enough dosage to kill 2800 people. Why I am still alive. To tell my story, to let the public know of the dangers of this potentially dangerous procedure.

Imagine being told you were getting FDA-approved Botox shots, but in reality, we were injected with a large dose of raw, unapproved botulinum toxin. At least 300 other doctors, plastic surgeons, naturopaths and dermatologists in the U.S. ordered Botulinum Toxin Type A from the same laboratory. What if I told you were still at risk? That this toxin is still out there and you are vulnerable. This is not anti-aging, this is rapid aging

Why would well-respected doctors use a substance marked “not for human use” on their unsuspecting patients? GREED! The raw toxin could be diluted to create a fake Botox at nearly 50 percent of the normal price of genuine Botox. No one knows how many people received the bogus serum before the public knew about the botch-up. Needless to say, our story has sparked a lot of controversy and awareness about the risks associated with Botox.

Now that I am back from the dead, I have told my DYING TO BE and as result so far no one else has been injured. Be careful what you allow anyone to inject into your body. Ask to see the bottle. Check the expiration date. Remember there is no cure, no antidote. There are currently no long term FDA studies. Botox is only FDA approved for people up to the age 65. How old are you? If you start getting injections at forty and go twice a year till 65 what is the long term effect on the liver after fifty rounds of Botox? No one knows. Are you willing to risk your life for a few lines? I had no idea I bought a one way ticket to hell. Now is your time to get off this anti-aging train and be proud of the body God gave you before you alter it and maybe alter your life. If you are thinking about Botox injections, think twice.

Dr Kaplan is a best selling author of DYING TO BE YOUNG

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